Founded by Mike Pio Roda and Gary Chow in 2021, Triumph Culture Capital is a socially conscious, early-stage venture firm operating at the nexus of content, culture and technology.  Backing creative and diverse pre-seed to series A founders and creative IP owners, we utilize our global experience to create cultural relevance for the company and produce attractive acquisitions for the industry.  In a $2 trillion media & entertainment sector, along with an even larger technology sector, Triumph Culture Capital looks to reimagine traditional media by supporting those with the creativity to do so.

With more than 2 decades of experience as previous operators, consultants and executives, introducing culture and providing content through IP acquisition, music distribution, and live event production throughout North America & Asia, the partners have the experience and rare ability to navigate the global waters of media.

“Our mission is to support creative visionaries at the forefront of culture,
giving everyone the ability to experience, share and interact with diverse cultures.”

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Triumph Culture Capital invests in culture & the creative economy.  We help support local culture and communities that are often overlooked and under-estimated. Our belief is that as humans, we all seek belonging. By sharing culture, and developing the creative economy, we’re able to build these social relationships and global communities that help establish understanding, bridging the cultural gap. And there’s a reason why backing the creative economy is filled with opportunities — according to Upstart Co-Lab’s 2021 Impact Report, “in the U.S., up to 35% of all women-owned businesses are in the creative economy and approximately 38% of BIPOC owned businesses are in the creative economy.”

While supporting creative founders, Triumph Culture Capital is also committed to encouraging companies to adopt socially conscious policies, maximizing returns and minimizing risk. We do this is by investing in founders that champion a social purpose and are not oblivious to the effects of their technology. This way they are motivated to innovate away from the norm — providing better returns, dedication, and most importantly, a company reimagining the future.

Our commitment is to help progress three main goals:


– Tools that push towards net zero
– Sustainable content production



– Inclusive composition of teams
– Productions with inclusion riders


– Firms that create jobs
– Productions that employ locally

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